Your leasing and credit application in the hands of the customer

Smartphone application that will let you connect with the new customer through the agent and dealer net. ExCalc is a mobile application for Android and iPhone dedicated for your business in the hands of the customer at the dealers!


under the hood

Give your customer the ability to configure his new dream car or offer him your after lease returns to buy. Manage the calculation with your parameters. Show the customer their running contracts. Give him the possibility to contact you.



More Than Calculation

Using ExCalc your customer will be able to calculate an object (for example a car) from your offer. They will be able to calculate the installments and see the repayment schedule. Offer requests can be calculated and submitted to the central system for further processing.


In conjunction with the central system, customers will be able to view their running contracts or communicate with you on various matters concerning their lease. With ExCalc you will gain a new point of sale!


New sales channel

How to open up a new sales channel for leasing or credit products at a finance institution? With help of ExCalc it is easier to reach the end customer even before he visits the car dealers. When he is at home and watches the car magazine and dreams!