Branding in ExCalc

Dress up ExCalc with Your Company Logo and Colors

You can set up the look and feel of ExCalc to match your company brand. Change the colors, logo, and splash screen, reorganize the menu and change other graphical elements.

We know that company look and feel is a very important element in building consistent branding, so we prepared ExCalc to meet your company’s branding needs.


About Calculation

ExCalc – Leasing Calculator is able to calculate leasing and credit offers independently from the object being calculated. We use the HP financial calculator to calculate gross or net in a given currency.

Calculation is highly parametric. You as a leasing company decide on the conditions. You set the interest rates (lower the interest rate as the contract length increases) and set the residual value of cars according to residual value tables for various car types.

All the changes are made in the central system and downloaded to mobile devices or browsers over the internet.


ExCalc – Leasing Calculator works offline (using a local database) or online (using the ExCalc dedicated system or utilizing the existing system in your company over a set of web services).

The implementation of the web services that connects ExCalc with the existing system is a well-documented and straightforward task.

Comfortable Management

Comprehensive Management and Administration

The Internet application ExCalc – Editor lets you manage your offers, cars, users, news and other system elements. You can import/export the data from/to your existing system.

Your customer is able to log onto the web page and check his running contracts or offer requests he has submitted.